Common Terms and Abbreviations

We use terms sometimes that aren't always clear. Below are some acronyms and common terms - and their definitions. If you have terms you'd like to add to this list, please send a note to

Acronym or

Common Term Definition

Academy Two periods a week where students can sign up to receive additional help in

classes, work independently, or collaborate with others. Teachers/staff can also.

request that students go to a particular class.

Aeries The data system that the district uses for student registration, attendance,

grades and transcripts

ASB Associated Student Body - commonly used when buying the ASB Card/Pass or

Package, which allows students free entry to Campo events

AUHSD Acalanes Union High School District - the school district Campo is a part of

Big Gym Large gym next to Quad, across from the MUR

BIRT Bias Incident Reporting System - system students can use to report

(anonymously) bias incidents they are aware of

Canvas The learning management system used for all classes beginning in 2019-2020

school year

CIF California Interscholastic Federation – the sports governing Body Campo works


CPAC Campolindo Performing Arts Center located at the lower entrance of Campo

CPAC Lot Parking spaces all the way around CPAC, across from MUR and Big Gym

CPC Campolindo Parents Club

CWC Campo Wellness Center

DAL Diablo Athletic League – the athletic league Campo is a part of

DNI Diversity and Inclusion - efforts by Campo, parents and the community to create an equitable and inclusive school environment

HoCo Homecoming

MEF Moraga Education Foundation - primary fundraiser/funding source for Campo

MUR Multi-Use Room - adjacent to the Quad and across from the Big Gym

NCS North Coast Section - part of the CIF that governs our area

NFHS National Federation of High Schools - whose live-stream product Campo uses to broadcast Home sporting events

Parent Party A not-to-be-missed social event held by each class's Parent Advisor team.

Rheem The shopping plaza with Nations Burger, Starbucks and other favorite drop in spots of Campo students

Senior Lot Parking lot between the school, tennis courts and football field

Small Gym Behind the right side of the Main Gym to the right of the weight room

SMC St. Mary's College

Snack Shack The food shack near the football field, often run by cool Campo parents during football games

Teach More The app that students use to sign up for academy

The Commons Moraga Commons Park (located on Moraga Rd)

The Quad The open space between the Main Gym and the Multi-purpose Room

Webstore Where you buy most things for Campo, the place to check first (prom tickets,

field trip, etc)