Underclassmen Awards


The Underclassmen Awards Event gives an opportunity for faculty from each department to honor students in the 9th -11th grades who have excelled in a particular course.

Primary Activities:

Typically, around 50 students are recognized and given a leather-bound certificate as well as a treat.

Associate Principal Knight works with faculty to gather honorees, creates the Evite to parents and prints the certificates.

The chair of the event works with Ms. Knight to:

  • identify a date and location

  • purchase decorations (such as balloons, tablecloths, flowers, etc.) and treats

  • help to set up the event including working with the custodial staff for tables/chairs, decorating with above items -- - attend and assist as appropriate during the event and cleans up at the conclusion

  • communicate as necessary with other faculty and teachers.

Key Dates:

Typically the event is held in the late Spring on campus in the afternoon,

  • Program work generally begins in April

  • Event held mid-week immediately after school on campus (location has varied due to Covid) in early May


Kim Habas

Vanessa Knight, Associate Principal