Campo Cares


Campo Cares’ mission is to assist Campolindo students and families who are facing financial hardships. Working in partnership with the Campolindo Counseling Department, we provide rapid funding for essentials such as school supplies, clothing, and groceries.

Core Values and Commitments:

· Privacy is paramount

  • No personal information about the recipient will be shared and all requests will be confidential.

· Compassion is vital

  • Recognizing and respecting the vulnerability of each request must be honored.

· Rapid response is essential

  • Work with the counselors to determine the quickest way to disseminate funds to ensure a timely response.

· Transparency is imperative

  • Meticulous records will be kept of all grant requests and distributions.

Our Story:

The Campo Cares Fund was started by the Class of 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Class was unable to spend the monies they had fundraised during their four years.

Realizing the economic hardships that many families would face as a result of the pandemic and beyond, the Class Officers designated these funds to be used to assist students and families in need of basic and immediate financial assistance.

It is the Class of 2020’s hope that the Campo Cares Fund will continue beyond their initial contribution and become a cornerstone of the Campolindo community.

Contact: Shannon Tague