Campo Athletic Boosters


The goal of the Campo Athletic Boosters is to promote equity, sportsmanship, and a healthy culture of competition to help maintain the tradition of excellence in Campo's Athletic Program - across ALL sports teams at Campo.

Primary Activities:

The Campo Athletic Boosters raises funds through:

  • Boosters Membership

  • Annual Campo Sports Physicals Event

  • Decals and other Campo merchandise

  • Sponsorships and other Fundraising efforts

The Campo Athletic Boosters invests funds in:

  • shared facilities (eg, gym, fields, pools, courts, weight room, etc)

  • shared equipment (eg, scoreboards, benches, mats, live-stream)

  • trainers and training supplies

  • live-stream events

The Campo Athletic Boosters provides the latest athletic news, announcements and information in several ways:


  • a biweekly newsletter, 'The Boost'

  • frequent social media postings on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Key Dates:

  • August 8th: Campo Sports Physicals events

  • July 26th - August 10th: Membership Drive

  • October 21st: Membership Merchandise distributed at Homecoming

How to get involved: