The Parents Club Newsletter

The Campo Parents Club publishes a weekly email newsletter, sent out Monday mornings throughout the school year.

The newsletter contains relevant and timely news and announcements--as well as information on Wellness, Athletics, Health, College and Careers, Diversity and Inclusion and a host of other topics.

If you missed an issue, here are the most recent:

If you would like to submit an article to be published in the weekly newsletter, please send your submission to our newsletter editor, Nanci Thomas, at and use the following guidelines:

  • Keep it short. Two or three lines of text is usually enough. No images.

  • If you have a flier with more information, please attach it.

  • If you have a link within your text, please make sure it works.

  • Submit by 5pm on Friday to be published the following Monday. If you submit later than that, it is not guaranteed to make it in on Monday.

  • Please state how long you would like it to run, otherwise it will run for two weeks.